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The Ultimate Guide to Hosting Your Own Small Group Trip

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Do you have friends, family and colleagues always asking to crash your next trips? Are you a natural leader? Do you find joy in showing people your favourite places around the globe?

Maybe it’s time to combine your passions, and host your own small group trip!

With travel being on pause for the past couple of years, there is a pent up demand to get out there and start exploring. But not everyone has the confidence to travel on their own, or they’re looking for a shared experience. This is your time to shine.

Not sure where to start?

My Ultimate Guide to Hosting Your Own Small Group Trip will show you the following:

★ Types of Group Travel

★ An Amazing Set of Benefits to Group Travel

★ Step-by-Step Guide to Organizing Your Group

★ Why a Travel Advisor is Your Best Friend

★ Group Discounted pricing

Bonus** Did you know that if you host a Group Retreat or Getaway, you could earn a FREE TRIP! It’s true! This is just one of the many fantastic benefits to organizing your own small group.


Small Group Travel Guide

Are you a natural leader? Do you love the idea of sharing one of your favorite destinations with a small group of friends, family or followers? Check out my ultimate guide to hosting your own small group trip, and learn about the exciting benefits and incentives for group leaders.

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Elaina Malone

Elaina Malone


As a couples travel and small group specialist, I understand how much the landscape of travel has changed.

When you work with me, you get to leave all of the doubt and distrust in the rearview mirror. My sole purpose is to interpret your vision, infuse you with confidence and excitement and provide support to you when you need it.

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