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Bespoke Travel Planning for Couples & Small Groups

I curate and design unforgettable tropical and exotic vacation experiences for couples and small groups

See the world your way​

Have you ever been on a group trip and felt like you were on someone else’s vacation?
Or maybe you’ve been on a romantic couples getaway and nothing seemed to go to plan.

Shouldn’t your vacation time be spent making memories, sharing laughs, and exploring beautiful destinations without a shred of stress?

Whether you’re running away with your sweetheart or traveling with a group, you deserve a vacation that is tailored specifically to your personal travel style. 
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The Ultimate Guide

to Hosting Your Own Small Group Trip

Are you a natural leader? Do you love the idea of sharing one of your favorite destinations with a small group of friends, family?

Check out my ultimate guide to hosting your own small group trip, and learn about the exciting benefits and incentives for group leaders.

Leave the details to me


Group trips require a surgical level of organization, precision planning, and innovation.


You wouldn’t take your Bentley to a Honda mechanic, so why would you entrust your group vacation to a generalist?


After I’ve secured your group’s personal travel preferences, I will seamlessly manage every detail including handling payment, logistics, contract and supplier negotiation, and all in-destination arrangements. 


If you’ve ever DIY’d a vacation or booked online, you already know how frustrating it is to get a hold of a live person when anything goes wrong.


When you book your trip with Trips by
Accessorized Wanderer, you receive one-on-one, customized support.


No one else knows the inner workings of your trip, and I’m waiting in the wings to jump into action when you need a creative solution. 


Travel has never been more complicated. With all of the hoops to jump through, endless required documentation, and extra fine print that needs sorting through, it’s overwhelming.


None of this should dissuade you from planning the trip of your dreams.


You will have a travel professional backing you up and keeping you informed so you can feel confident from the moment you book your trip, to the moment you return home. 

Trips by Accessorized Wanderer travel planning

Travel Planning

shouldn't feel impersonal or overwhelming...

How much time do you think you’ve wasted trying to find the perfect beach resort for your next couples getaway? Did you find yourself with more questions than answers after hunting around online?

And when you tried putting together that group trip, were you feeling overwhelmed and overworked trying to keep all of the details straight and everyone happy?

Take a deep breath. Your days of endless searching, doubt and stress are over.

With my knowledge, connections and commitment to client care, your trip will feel as it should - Custom designed with your travel vision in mind.

Trips by Accessorized Wanderer travel specialist

Over two years working as couples and small groups travel specialist

Trips by Accessorized Wanderer travel design

Developed a penchant for travel design early when friends and colleagues would come to me for inspiration and help with logistics 


Well-traveled and researches destinations in-person to ensure hotels, resorts, suppliers and tour companies are premium quality 


– STEP 1 –


Every great vacation starts with a phone consultation. We would love to get to know you and what you want in your next vacation.

– STEP 2 –


We will put together your personalized proposal, from there we fine tune and perfect your itinerary. 

– STEP 3 –


As you get excited for your vacation. We will continue to monitor flights, tours and accommodations and advise you of any important information about your vacation. We are also there to answer your question pre, during and post vacation.

Step by Step


– STEP 1 –

Book a Discovery Call 

This is an opportunity for you to share your travel goals, ask questions and learn about what it’s like to work with a travel professional and group specialist.


If by the end of our chat you feel confident and excited about working with me, I’ll send an invoice for my professional services and contract to your inbox. It’s time for me to get to work.

– STEP 2 –

Research & Proposal

After our discovery call, I’ll tap into my network of premium travel and tour brands, and design 2-3 beautiful itineraries for you to view.


For group clients, you will be presented with 1 proposal and an extra variation that we can re-work if necessary. 

– STEP 3 –

Book & Relax

Choose your favorite itinerary, book your trip and start bragging to your friends - It’s that easy!


Keep an eye on your inbox for your pre-trip documents, helpful destination information, and recommendations, all curated for you and your travel partner.

Meet Elaina Malone

Creating everlasting memories for busy couples and intimate small groups

Hey there, I'm Elaina Malone, founder of Trips by Accessorized Wanderer.
As a couples travel and small group specialist, I understand how much the landscape of travel has changed. The options are endless, the rules are ever-changing, and it’s hard to know who to trust with your travel plans. 

CLGX Photo 8_edited.jpg

When you work with me, you get to leave all of the doubt and distrust in the rearview mirror. My sole purpose is to interpret your vision, infuse you with confidence, excitement and provide support to you when you need it.


In an effort to ensure that my clients are treated like the VIPs that they are, I invest a great deal of my own time traveling to destinations that I know my clients are going to love. No detail is left overlooked when I’m conducting my research and it helps me gain insider knowledge I then pass on to my clients. 


Whether you’re planning a once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon to the Maldives, couples retreat in the Mayan Riviera, or a small group island-hopping tour of the Greek Islands, I am confident that I can design a trip that you will be talking and smiling about for years to come.


Dreamworthy Destinations


Travel Tips. Fashion. Inspiration.

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